Kevin Hill

 Kevin Hill.  AKA PainterKevin. Photo by  Paula Fishman

Kevin Hill.  AKA PainterKevin.
Photo by Paula Fishman


I was born in Southampton, England, and grew up in Brazil, Texas, and Singapore.  My interest in drawing and painting started when I was a kid and has continued to this day.  I majored in studio painting and sculpture at Texas Tech University, and afterward, I worked as an award-winning muralist in Virginia, including painting an elaborate ballroom mural of colonial ballroom scene at a historical colonial mansion.

My next chapter in life involved working as a set designer with Club Med. I designed, built, and painted large-scale scenery and props for the live entertainment and shows held in the evenings, including GreaseThe Who's Tommy, and a James Bond live show. The highlight of this experience included working with the Paris Opera Ballet, creating a resort-wide pirate show and an elaborate production of Moulin Rouge.


"One of my favorite parts about my pet painting is the personal connection my work has for my clients.  I try to accent the most defining details and get to the spirit of the animal I am painting."

Later, I worked for Walt Disney Company, producing drawings of many of the beloved Disney and Pixar characters. While working at Disney, I adopted Walter the Wiener Dog (an adorable black and tan Dachshund). I painted his portrait, friends saw the painting and wanted one of their pets. From that point, interest and demand grew, and I decided to continue my dream of painting for a living by establishing my studio for


I was offered a job at Disneyland in the Ink and Paint department and I accepted so I'm back at the Park now.  So if you happen to visit Disneyland, come by and see me in Disneyana / Disney Gallery on Main Street USA.

   Drawing at Disney   Photo by  Phillippe Carly

Drawing at Disney

Photo by Phillippe Carly


Prismacolor pencil on paper 2011.


Acrylic on Board 2013   (310) 469 2830   Del Rey Oaks California USA